Interior Decorator Near Me: Personalize Your Home in 2021


Dream Visions is an interior decorator business that lets you choose from multiple service options to take the stress off of you when personalizing your home. We offer interior decor consultations both in person and virtually, so no matter where you search for ‘interior decorator near me’ we are here to help.

If you’re looking for an interior decorator consultation, you’re in luck! Dream Visions is an interior decorator business that lets you choose from multiple service options to take the stress off of you when personalizing your home. We offer interior decor consultations both in person and virtually, so no matter where you search for ‘interior decorator near me’ we are here to help. 

The Dream Visions Story

Our story started when our founder Christina followed her dream of decorating homes and planning parties. Christina is a mother and spent several years as a medical assistant before pursuing her passion. She believes that everyone should surround themselves with things that make them happy and follow their dream. 

Now, we’re proud to call ourselves a full-fledged interior decorator business and are pleased to offer you several options for interior decorator consultation services. 

In-Person or Virtual Consultations

If you’re looking for an interior decorator Fort Lauderdale, we can also offer in person (socially distanced, of course) consultations. 


Interior Decorator Near Me 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘near me’ has become a very relative term! We’ve all been adapting to Zoom calls and socially-distanced interactions. Dream Visions is no different. We can do virtual consultations, so even if we are not located near you, we can still help design your dream home. 

Interior Decorator Fort Lauderdale 

We’re located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area and are happy to serve clients in person there. In person consultations are a great way for us to get to know the space and design something unique for you. Send us an email to set up an in-person interior decorator consultation. 

Choose Your Interior Decorator Business Services 

At Dream Visions Decor & Design, we have two main services to help you design your dream home: room makeovers, and home decor. Find out which interior decorator consultation is right for you! 

Room Makeovers 

Room makeovers are the full package deal! If you’re looking to redo a room in your personal style, with an interior decorator consultation included, then the room makeover may be right for you.

Room Makeovers start with an initial consultation where we seek to learn your personal tastes and style. We’ll then match furnishings to your liking and blend them together to design a harmonious room. We will work with you along every step of the process to make sure the space is personalized, just for you. 

Room makeovers can be done completely virtually as well as in person. Contact us to learn more.

Home Decor

Choose the home decor package if you need to add a little bit of spice to a certain area of your home. We can even decorate small spaces to fill them with furnishings and decor that is functional and that you will love. 

Just like the Room Makeover, we’ll start any home decor project with an interior design consultation, one-on-one. After we discuss your personal style, space and budget, we’ll shop for pieces to compliment your home. 

Don’t worry about picking out the pieces, because we hand deliver all your items. However, we can also do home decor sessions completely virtually, if you prefer. Send us a few lines about your project to get started. 

5 Benefits of an Interior Decorator Consultation 

Still not convinced that you should work with us? There are several reasons to hire a professional interior decorator, but here are a few. 

Take the stress off of personalizing your home

Most people have an idea of their personal style and what they want, but it’s hard to find the time and stress of designing their space. If this is holding you back from personalizing your home in 2021, then you can hire an interior decorator business to take the stress off of your shoulders. And we’ll make sure it is to your likes, based on the initial interior decorator consultation. 

We’ll plan and budget for you

Another reason to work with an interior decorator company is that we can stick to your budget and prepare plans in line with your personal tastes. We will take care of finding and shopping for pieces to compliment your home and fit in your budget. Let us save you time by planning and designing a space according to your personal likes. 

We can save you money 

Interior decorators have an eye for detail, but we also know when to splurge and when to save. One interior decorator explains she saved a client $50K from helping her make a different renovation decision about her space. We can prevent you from costly mistakes and help guide you to find pieces within your budget that will still make your space shine. 


Interior decorators are specialized 

We can do everything from complicated, large designs to small spaces. We’ve worked in a variety of fabrics, materials, lighting and styles. Our experience has made us somewhat of an expert to help transform spaces in a way you will love. We can also see details and have the experience to see things that others may miss. 

We guarantee you’ll love it

If you don’t like a design, we’ll work with you to fine-tune it until you do! Our goal is to make every client happy with a design that enhances your space and compliments your lifestyle. Christina’s favorite part of the job is seeing your simile at the end! We guarantee to find a design that will match your tastes. 


Dream Visions Decor & Design can help turn your home into your dream space, within your budget. Whether you need an interior decorator in Fort Lauderdale, or even a virtual interior decorator business, we can help makeover your room and home. Even virtually, we’ll be there every step of the process to help you create your dream room. 

Contact our interior decorator business to get started. 

We’d love to stay in touch! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to get more design inspiration and see examples of our recent work.  

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